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Jantex Discharge Base JT1  is used in a system to strip dyed ground shades and simultaneously replace them with a pigment color if desired.  It is available in a standard base form.

 Prepare your print paste by adding the pigment concentrate to the discharge base at the desired shade or level and mix well.  1 to 10% is normal for standard pigments and up to 20% for Fluorescent pigments.    Add the activator at approximately 6%.  Do not prepare more color than is anticipated for immediate use as the color will have a limited shelf life, approximately 8 hours.

 Print on fabric with a 60 to 150 mesh screen.  While still wet, place in hot air oven for 3 to 5 minutes at 300 to 325 degrees F.  Do not allow the print to dry before placing in oven.  The more moisture available the better the result. 

 The fabric to be printed must have been dyed with dischargeable dyes.   You must check with your dyer or fabric supplier to assure that appropriate dyes have been used.  Not all dyes will discharge.  Testing should always be done prior to any production run.

Pigments must be stable to the discharge agent in the print paste.  Not all pigments will discharge.  Again, testing is required.

 The activator will give off a very noxious odor.  This is normal for this product.  Make sure the print area is well exhausted, especially near the curing ovens.  To assure that the fabric  does not retain the odor, heat curing must be complete.  If odor remains on the fabric, re-curing may be necessary.

 Certain chemical residues may remain on the printed fabrics.  It is advisable that they be washed prior to wearing or use by the customer.



These are only recommendations and no warranty is expressed or implied since Jantex Inks & Beyond, Inc.  cannot control actual product use or intended use and does not know the extent of knowledge or experience the user has.  Jantex Inks & Beyond, Inc cannot guarantee the use and has no control over the use by end user.

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