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Monarch Plastisol Screen Printing Inks Low Temp Poly / Poly Blend Khaki

Monarch Plastisol Screen Printing Inks Low Temp Poly / Poly Blend Khaki

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What makes Monarch Plastisol Screen Printing Ink Different?

When Monarch entered the Garmet printing market, our goal was to create the newest, most innovative plastisol screen printing inks that surpassed the current ink standards for; color, opacity, workability, performance, and bleed resistance. While leaving a matte finish, soft hand, and excellent drape that all customers want.


  • Vibrant Colors
  • Highest Opacity Inks in the market today
  • Whitest White in the market today
  • High Bleed Resistance
    • Low Temp Inks
    • LB Poly/Cotton
    • Ult 100% Polyester Ink
  • No Ghosting


  • Improved Make Ready
  • Reduced Production Time
  • Easier and Faster Clean-up
  • Easier printing on Manual Presses


Our Apocalypse Colors, are high opacity colors that are not limited to one ink type. Our stock colors come in ULT, LB, and Cotton.
All of our Low Temp plastisol ink types come in the following:

  • 38 standard colors
  • 12 blending colors
  • 10 fluorescent colors
  • 4 Process colors
  • 4 specialty colors (more available upon request)
  • Custom colors available upon request

Apocalypse LB Colors

Our Apocalypse LB Colors are a universal color system that will print on virtually any fabric. These highly opaque inks are so opaque, that they don't require and under base to print, even on dark garments. These inks are a first of their kind. They are not only highly opaque, but are still creamy, have a matte finish, and good drape. Not like the old days where High Opacity inks were stiff and thick. This ink will cure as low as 280°F for printing onto today's modern fabric types and are superb when printing onto polyester.

Ink Characteristics:

  • High Opacity
  • Good Bleed Resistance
  • Fast Flash
  • Easy to Print
  • Ultra Soft Hand
  • Light Weight with good drape
  • Universal - print on virtually any fabric
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